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 E ducation


Continuing Education offers opportunities to build relationships, inform clients, and share important product data.  Great presentations can demonstrate new products or reinvigorate existing ones, explore vital innovative research & developments, and update attendees on critical current industry issues.   Be it Textiles 101 or Acoustic Solutions, interior designers and architects crave information that can improve their projects by bringing clarity to their choices.

Working with clients from across the textile & design spectrum, Luise has built multiple CEUs from the ground up through research, script writing, creating infographics & diagrams, building Powerpoints, and presenting the topics both live & via webinars.    Her CEUs have been approved by both AIA and IDCEC and include Health, Safety, & Welfare (HSW) approved topics.   By investing every topic with her curiosity, a dash of levity, and a lot of creativity, she strives to transform educational stories into memorable and enjoyable experiences.

She has developed CEUs with: 

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