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about  Luise Stromberg


“There is only one way to eat an elephant: a bite at a time.” - Desmond Tutu


After more than 25 years designing textiles from loom to market, Luise is an expert at separating out the individual components of a textile to analyze how they influence the final fabric.  By assessing each element: graphic, color, texture, content, finish, etc., she develops textiles that meet or surpass performance standards without sacrificing design or visual integrity.    Her designs for windows, walls, and upholstery have been used in corporate, healthcare, & hospitality settings.


In addition to textile design, Luise develops IDCEC & AIA approved education units (CEUs) to educate interior designers and architects. Her research & presentations on textile topics range from sustainability & acoustics to fiber & fabrication.  Her objective is to blend real-world stories with data based graphics and inspirational images that the audience will remember long after the presentation.  Her CEUs have regularly been ranked in IDCEC's 'Top 10 CEUs Taken' list.


With un-Ravel, Luise offers her knowledge and training in design, R&D, & education to help you develop design tools, stories, research, and textiles through an assessment of all the elements culminating in a product suited to the market's aesthetics, environmental and performance requirements.


Luise's home is filled with travel mementos... that her cats regularly disrespect by treating them as chew toys or scratch pads.   Follow her latest personal project, #plainweavechallenge, on Instagram        and read about it in her blog.

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